They say it takes one minute to read a single page, one minute to read a single poem, and that one page of a script equates to one minute of screen time. If we were to read or listen to something new every day, even if it was short, then we could fuel our imagination and satisfy our curiosity. One small action every day is more powerful than doing nothing at all. It only takes one minute to tell a story and here, two brothers will embark on a journey to show the world their passion for words and storytelling.

For 1000 days, The Redgen Brothers will be using their in-depth knowledge and research to bring you a passionate and inciteful blog about everything to do with film and television.

Karl will explore the many facets of the film industry and will write about his journey as an emerging writer. He will document the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, and provide tips and tricks along the way for anyone looking to make it in the industry. Over the next year, follow his journey as he transitions from a humble nobody writer working in the Brisbane suburbs into someone who can sell a script to a production studio abroad.

Mike on the other hand will do what he does best, think critically and academically about films and their genres. Over the coming months, Mike will share his profound wisdom and unbiased opinion and overanalyze the minutiae of many different aspects of film and television. He will explore the symbolism, techniques, and artistic qualities of particular films, as well as analyze several directors’ styles. During this time Mike will also be sharing links to his poetry videos and publications.

So, come and join us as we dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes cinema and screenwriting such an amazing art form.